Tapas Tray #1


hand made using a stoneware clay body. A perfect tray for tapas, cheeses, olives – an entertainers must in the home.

this is a one off item.

comes with 1 small hand formed dish

tray 44.5 x 10 cm at the widest point

dish 7cm

hand wash advised.

Availability: 1 in stock

Care Instructions
  • All our ceramics are individually hand crafted by Sarah using a mixture of Australian stoneware clays which are non-toxic and food safe glazes.
  • All pieces are fired twice, the first firing (bisque) to 1000 degrees then glazed and fired again to 1280 degrees making them extra durable and a lot stronger.
  • All pieces are dishwasher & microwave safe. Take care to avoid sudden temperature changes (for example from the oven to a cold benchtop or fridge) as this is likely to cause thermal shock which can result in the piece cracking.
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